Moonlight Gratitude

Moonlight Gratitude

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Moonlight Gratitude

365 Nighttime Meditations for Deep, Tranquil Sleep All Year Long

I’m standing at a trailhead in Sedona looking at the moon. To my back, the sun is setting after a day full of thunder and lightning. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. A dream I have held in my heart for twentyfive years has come true. I have written a book: the one you’re holding.

It amazes me how this process transpired. Someone found me to write a book of moonlight meditations. It couldn’t be more perfect. Four years ago, I started setting intentions and practicing gratitude under a big full moon in Bali. It changed my life. I learned to trust the universe with my intentions and be immensely grateful for however they turned out.

My goal with this book is for the reader to find peace in these passages before falling asleep—to offer gratitude every night. The universe is abundant and full of goodness. Create a moment each day to say thank-you for the blessings that flow through to each one of us.

This evening, I am grateful to be in a dreamy place where I could complete this book and look up at the sky at a near full moon, offering my appreciation for this gift.

May your sleep be sound and may peace transcend your worry.